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Q: Is this that hard to communicate with parents for you?

As I post here that I didn't get paid on time and often needs to ask for the salary. I went to tell the boss that I wanted to quit 2 weeks ago, he promised of paying me 1000rmb salary on time and buy me insurances, so I stayed.


FYI: I have worked here for about 4 monthes and 2 weeks, my probation period is three monthes. Still no contract signed, I am not sure if I can get my insurances either. But I am thinking of staying for 10000rmb a month salary even if he doesn't buy me insurances. Insurances cost about 1600rmb and I could buy it by myself, as I don't have much savings, I feel stability on a job is the best way to save up fast.


But my mum got mad at me for staying on this job without insurances still. Why she can't understand a 10000rmb job without insurance is better than a 5000rmb job had insurances? Why she can't understand a shitty job is better than having no job when I don't have a lot of savings? I just feel so hard to communicate with her, is that hard for you to communicate with your parents?


I told her I don't trust my boss's promise too on paying me 10000rmb and buy me insurances this time, she kept blaming on me to stay here as she kept saying the boss is fooling me and won't pay me 10000rmb and insurances. I kept telling here the pay day is 10 days later, I told her I will know the answer after 10 days to decide the staying or leaving.  I told her  a shitty job is better than no job for me in this situation. She kept blaming on me and can't support me and she made my mood goes really bad.


I got 4 orders during 4 monthes and 2 weeks working here, and my US customer has investigated boss's factory and approved the prices we offered, this project can worth hundreds of millions USD Dollars or even more as they could give me many orders for one big project. I did wonderful sales here right for such s short time? My boss only invested 29800rmb on alibaba and sent me to the exhibition for free without investing any in exhibition.






28 weeks 4 days ago in  General  - China

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Your Mum is actually right!


your idiot of a boss should be paying your 6 insurances FROM DAY ONE!


No ifs or's the law!


he should also pay you on time AND give you a contract in the future ray 30 days!

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28 weeks 2 days ago
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