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Q: How to Avoid legal Entanglements when Foreigners Rent a Property in Beijing?

One of my friends need to rent a property in Beijing because she has to work here for one year. Due to differences in the culture, laws and norms of society between China and the West, there have been many legal problems between foreign tenants and their Chinese landlords which should have been avoided. How to avoid the legal entanglements?

12 years 28 weeks ago in  Housing - Beijing

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I recommend a law firm to you. Jay and Shaw Law Firm is a firm that specializes in the provision of legal services to small and medium-sized businesses and foreign individuals, helping them to deal with legal problems. From our years of experience, the following are some pointers that foreigners who wish to undertake a tenancy should take special note of:
1,A lease agreement must be signed with the landlord and it should clearly stipulate the landlord’s bank account to which all payable funds shall be remitted through.

  • 2,The landlord should readily provide the certificate of title of the property and all other related documents.
  • 3,The landlord must provide a second address other than the one currently being leased out.
  • 4,If working condition of the property’s amenities cannot be confirmed upon moving in, the lease agreement must clearly state that they will not be confirmed until the corresponding season arrives.
  • 5,Follow procedure and rules when subletting property.
  • 6,When leasing property through a rental agency, it is best to consult and solicit advice from a lawyer.
  • The contact  information is and 0086-10-5129 6373
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12 years 28 weeks ago
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