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Q: How do you find a MEDICAL job and how much is the pay in China?

Lets say you want to go to China, but you don't want to teach and you happen to be a Nurse, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Otolaryngologist, Ophthalmologist, so on and so forth...just something in the medical field. How would you go about finding a job? Would the pay be similar to what you'd be paid in your own country? I hear that Physicians and Dentist get basically the same pay(and have a fairly easy time finding a job), but does that apply to the other professions as well? I am a Biology major and don't really want to spend all that time in school for bio, then go of to Optometry/Pharmacy/ect school just to go to China and teach for a fraction (probably would be making 15% of what I'd probably be making a year if I taught English in China, if that...and that's a LOT of money) of what I'd be making in the states. I do want to go to China (to live for a year or so), but was hoping I'd have a few more options than just teaching English...or teaching Biology at an International School...

13 years 1 week ago in  Business & Jobs - China

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I think before you think that far ahead, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Do you speak Chinese? And not just a little - fluently. I have some fairly bilingual friends who were refused for their respective fields here based on the fact they were missing the ever essential professional jargon.

2. Do you have two years working experience? Need that for the visa.

It's certainly not impossible to find a job in your field, however for a young foreigner, things are extremely difficult, on the one hand because we need a visa (quite the hassle), on the other because we don't speak Chinese, and lastly because we ask for twice the salary people get here. If on top of that you have little experience, I'd say your chances are slim to none.

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13 years 1 week ago
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