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Q: How to screw yourself?

with a heavy heart,


I have to tell this story


The typhoon hit Shandong with very heavy rains and if you travel by train from Jinan to Qingdao, you will notice thousands of green houses and a very heavy concentration of agricultual food supplies grown in the Weifang area.


So there is a flatland area near the river that is prone to flood, so long term planning, they built 3 huge dams and reservoirs to fix this problem.


Some government officials did not understand how much rain had fallen from the typhoon storm and instead of realeasing the water after the flood gradually, they open all 3 dams that were over flowing and flooded several counties destroying all the crops and flooding and killing thousands of pigs and livestock.


Cucumbers are double price in Jinan in the last 5 days. The government is giving money for housing damage but not farm and greenhouse damage and thousands of peasants who have lived at worked there all there life have lost everything.


The government has covered this up and the media for about 3 days but we chat is exploding, sometimes even censors can not cover up a disaster, the government did not want everyone buying every vegetable in the supermarkets creating a panic, so nobody knows anything. This is the great future superpower of the world. If you live in Shandong and like vegetables and pork, stock up now, I wonder how much food here is for other provinces that want be getting any food, also garlic is grown almost entirely here in Shandong. This is going to be a huge MAN MADE mess to fix. Today some counties are sill in 1 meter or higher water 5 days after the rains. The people responsible for this might want to be moving unless somebody has already put them in jail.

2 years 21 weeks ago in  Food  - Jinan

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7 rmb for a half kilo of spinach, some things have tripled in price

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2 years 21 weeks ago
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