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Q: if i get a job where the school, company etc will prefere to charge the salary amount ?

for example: I have an italian bank account  how much time will pass to see my money charged on?   maybe a chinese account is more suitable and fast in the transaction? 

10 years 39 weeks ago in  Money & Banking - Beijing

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When you get job at the School or Company in China, they will open Chinese Bank account for you. It is cheaper for Company in China to deposit salary to Chinese Bank account than any other Bank out of China. It even differ between Chinese Bank accounts opened in different cities in China.


Nanjing New Oriental this year demanded, I open an account at Merchants Bank in Nanjing. I have Bank accounts at all mayor Banks in China, opened in different cities. As I understand, School must pay higher Bank fees if they deposit salary on 'out of town' Chinese Bank account. 


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Also, banks will often only allow payroll deposits in accounts setup in the same bank that the payroll account is in.  For example, if you school's payroll account is in China Construction Bank, then they will only transfer money to other China Construction Bank's accounts.  This is a rule of the bank, the company/school has little choice.  Of course, TIC so anything is possible if the company/bank is creative.

10 years 38 weeks ago
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thank u ! 

10 years 38 weeks ago
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10 years 38 weeks ago
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