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Common folk

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Q: Is it considered bad practice to put your QQ Mail adress on your CV?

Does a QQ Mail adress on your resume automatically disqualify you or is this acceptable in the eyes of Chinese recruiters?


Thank you

20 weeks 2 days ago in  Business & Jobs - China

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There must be something else in your CV that recipients don't like. Email address is just an address ... QQ or Proton ..or ""

Chinese border isn't open to outsiders 'cause of the Covid, I think, so ... 

Matter of fact, just send few CVs with other email address and you'll see if there is any difference in replies.


Bad practice in China is spitting on the restaurant's floor during the meal or loud farthing in public  .. .

Smoking in the elevators with kids present, too. Very unhealthy practice ...

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20 weeks 2 days ago
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Minor Official

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A qq email is perfectly fine. I am Chinese so I would know.

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17 weeks 2 days ago
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