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Q: Is it possible to find Adderall in China?

Living in Shanghai. Is it possible to find this? Been having trouble. Need doctor's prescription?

9 years 3 weeks ago in  Health & Safety - Shanghai

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On the Ritalin/Adderrall situation and the comments that it could be (or could not)available in Shanghai I have done some research on this topic. Ritalin is available at some hospitals and clinics in Shanghai, including some of the foreign/international clinics. However, in the Chinese system there are only a few designated institutions and I am not sure which ones they are, but there is obviously very strict control and they will only provide small amounts at a time. Concerta is also now available in Shanghai as a Schedule II (Ritalin/Methylphenidate is Schedule I) so therefore also strictly controlled.
For ease in trying to find out may be worthwhile calling one of the international facilities first, perhaps Parkway, as they now have an in house psychiatrist, so must have access to some drugs of this nature.
As far as Adderall goes not likely to get it here or most other places in Asia and I am sure if it is available, will either be black market or extremely tightly controlled.  Otherwise best would be to get your script when you are back home, even if it is only for a limited supply and bring it with you!

Another possible solution could be to buy it on line, with the known risks involved of getting a fake or just plainly getting your money and never shipping you a thing. At your own risk, try :

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9 years 3 weeks ago
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