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Q: Latest regulations for buying an apartment?

I am currently thinking of buying an apartment here (it has reasons, not like a trust in any of this crap here).

Unfortunately I cannot find regulations that match each other so I wonder what is actually real. Agency always talk bullshit so I don't trust them either.


So I am trying to figure out the best way to buy an apartment with the least problems at the end.

I heard that I am as a foreigner not be allowed to sell or rent out my apartment... how does that even work? If I move to another city, I am not allowed to sell my apartment?

If this is the rule, I was thinking if I put my name and my wife's name on the apartment, am I allowed to sell it then? Is it even possible to do so, because we are not married in China (but in another country...)


The agents told me I need to pay at least 1 year of social insurance (or tax?) in the province I want to buy a house. I do not want to buy an apartment in the same province I live in, so I want to know if this is true, especially true for foreigners? (I do not pay social insurance [as foreigner you do not have to pay it if you don't want to], but taxes)



Maybe someone has some more information for me. Thanks.

6 years 24 weeks ago in  Housing - China

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Posts: 1198


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You must be a registered user to vote!

not much useful information about the questions i asked though...


the last article just states that we are now allowed to actually buy property but i doubt that there aren't any restrictions or laws now. The blog doesn't go into detail at all, while the other links only provide information about land uses and property rights which I already know

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6 years 23 weeks ago
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