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Q: Is Modern Electronic Mart closed?

Was at Modern Electronic City, 218 Xiangyang South Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai yesterday & found out was closed. Badly want to know a place similar to it as both my phone & ipad screen cracked. Am aware of Baoshan road but any place like the electronic mart would be better.

8 years 26 weeks ago in  Shopping - Shanghai

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Xujiahui is home to at least three electronic outlet malls (BuyNow, Metro City and Pacific Digital). You can find just about any personal electronic equipment or device for home, office, and entertainment.

Buy Now is located in the building just south of Metro City (the big glass ball) and has a huge section devoted to custom-made computers. You can have a personal consultant help you (aggressively convince you) to build a computer to your exact specifications. It might seem really fast-paced and anxiety-inducing at first, but if you know what you want before going, you can get what you need for cheaper.

For information on Metro City electronics, check out this article.

Cybermart (Huaihai Rd / Xizang Rd)
Really just more of the same. Lots of new and used electronics and good with repairing equipment. Across the street is a smaller market where you can get lots of components and wires custom cut and assembled. I got an AC adaptor to my specifications for 60RMB.

Media Mrkt (Huai Hai Zhong Lu / Sinan Lu)
The German brand has opened its flagship China store on HuaiHai Road. It's 6 levels of electronics, appliances and accessories. But no video game consoles or games. The huge massage chair collection (that you can test drive) makes it worth the visit all by itself. Here's their website with a better description.

Sunning and Gome
These chains are mainly for home appliances like kitchen electronics, space heaters, washer/dryers, etc. But they have a limited selection of phones and laptops too. Customer service can be sketchy but you'll probably get what you need.

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8 years 26 weeks ago
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