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Q: Is this old lady insanely stupid, or just trying to kill us?

So, in my apartment complex, we have an old lady who appears to be the dumbest person I've ever met. However, I'm starting to think she's trying to kill everyone here. Her son has been hardcore fumigating their apartment for the past 2 weeks. The fumes can be smelled outside, and inside the entire stairway. It's also really hot, so that doesn't help either.


Every day, several times per day, she goes outside the apartment and shuts ALL of the windows (which helps tremendously as there's no real ventilation in the complex), and the front door despite there being a sign saying "Please don't close the door" in Chinese. The fumes build up tremendously, and they're quite intollerable. The fumes have started leaking into certain apartments, though not ours -- not yet -- thank God.


Every time she shuts the windows and doors, I come out and smell the horrible stench which her colossally stupid/murderous family is leaving behind. I go and open all the windows and the door, and within an hour, the fumes are gone. Then she comes out and shuts them all again once I leave. I caught her doing it.


How stupid can you get? Or is she just she trying to kill us all?

7 years 8 weeks ago in  Health & Safety - Harbin

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She is not trying to kill you, you are just not in her awareness. Asking her to keep the windows in a favorable position will not alleviate her not knowing you exist as you are not directly related to her she will never know. 


We have a "light" version of the same thing. Outside our door to the apartment is the lifts etc, and next to those a door to the stairs. The trash can is here. As luck would have it there is a window right next to the trash can. Every morning, when the old lady next door uses the trash can, she takes off the top lid, so it becomes possible to throw trash from the door to the stairs rather than take one step in and put the trash through the lid. This particular lid is helping a lot in preventing the entire staircase smelling of sunburnt garbage and larger amounts of flies having a party there. I put the lid on each day, have been doing so since maybe March. I think she is about to crack. 


For your situation, contact the administrative people for your apartment complex. Ask them to come feel the problem on their own bodies/noses. 

As you leave for the US soon, maybe consider leaving your place with a couple of dead cats roasting in the window.

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7 years 8 weeks ago
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