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Q: Pet Hotel / Babysitting?

I will be taking off for 10 days in late August, and I need to find a good, safe, calm (?) place to leave my cat Lucy for that time.  It's just a bit too long to leave her alone in the house and my friends are also not available to drop in....


Does anyone know any reputable places, where they've had GOOD experiences leaving their pet for a week or so? 


Pet sitters?  Vet clinics?  Pet stay?  Not sure what it'd be called, but mainly hoping for testimonials here.

8 years 51 weeks ago in  Family & Kids - Shanghai

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Can't help for your area, but our dog has a couple of time stayed in the dog hotel. (I have no clue what they are called in China) 

The expirience. For a small dog lige ours it was OK. They (claim) walk the dog 3 times per day, although a short walk it includes going on a big patch of grass and doing the business. They can either feed "generic dog food" or you can bring your own. 

They stack the dog in small "boxes", which is OK for small dogs, but I've also seen big dogs that cannot even stand up, be in these boxes, and that is not cool. The first time our dog was in the hotel, the box next door was occupied by a cat.
The place we use is actually a pet grooming place. They have shop on first floor, pet wash/grooming in the back, 2nd floor is pet hotel and 3rd floor is the owners apartment, which I think is important, there is people there all the time. 


It is a sharp contrast to similar places back home. Last summer I picked up my parents Lab from one of these places. He had 15 sqr/mtr, fresh hay daily to cover half the floor. 2 hours per day of playtime with other dogs on a big field (fenched, so not on leash) and an old crazy couple of owners who seems to mostly be stressed about petting all the dogs a lot all the time. 


Good luck. I'd check out a couple of places first. Or find a good frined to take care of your cat. 

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8 years 51 weeks ago
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I use a couple who have a nice business in Suzhou to board my golden retriever. My dog loves it there and is always excited when he arrives. They have a compound with several buildings and a completely enclosed very large courtyard. They don't speak English but my wife found them and handles it. If you need info, message me and I can have my wife call you. Her English is good. Oh for my dog it is 75 RMB a day.


that sounds great.  If nothing else comes up, I'll send you a PM.   Thanks!

8 years 50 weeks ago
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8 years 51 weeks ago
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