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Q: Putian Cambridge Bilingual School, Fujian.

Not a question, more a heads-up for those looking for work. The above isn't a bad school and they are recruiting for the spring term BUT they have lost their certificate to employ foreigners and THEY WILL MAKE YOU WORK ILLEGALLY.


Just so you all know.

11 years 14 weeks ago in  Teaching & Learning - Fuzhou

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THanks for sharing something that probably didn't need to be shared on a social media site. I love how you made the big bold letters but you should at least include who will make you work illegally otherwise that statement is very Vague!!


Not been on here for ages, so have just seen your reply.

I think it's exactly the kind of thing that needs sharing. Regarding your other comment - it's in the title if you look!

10 years 32 weeks ago
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11 years 6 weeks ago

There are cookies, bookies and too many rookies for me to sit here trying to be a hooky! Looky Looky don't call me a wooky. Touchy Touchy Feely Feely Spicy Spicy Nicey Nicey & that's what the doctor Ordered!!

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