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Q: Visa applications canceled if 55 years old?

I'm receiving multiple reliable sources and close friends that are having their visa renewals rejected because they are 55 and over. So far we're hearing Shenzhen and Hainan.


Start updating this if you guys are hearing the same thing it helps others plan in advance.


This could also mean that they have fully implemented the working permit scoring system. those who want to remain teachers in this country need to have their score higher by salary, Chinese proficiency (HSK) also that would mean a PhD in master's degree would also help in this situation it looks like a bachelor degree is not going to be enough to keep teachers over 55 in the country if this turns out to be a new trend. 

17 weeks 1 day ago in  Visa & Legalities - China

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smiley  Applying for a ride at the Cape Canaveral seems easier ... no


I had the same thought in 2017 at the latest Chinese Labour law changes and it's just getting worse ...


As I was working as an ET in China, honestly I was like: 


"This is good ... until it lasts!" 



Chinese don't want foreign teachers and such sentiment isn't a new thingy!

Soon, AI (robots) will fulfill all needs Chinese have toward the learning of a foreign languages and more ... for a fraction of the cost of a real, imported foreign ET.

I read, some schools in China already have AI in the classrooms.


You have to think about the changing of a profession ... or abandoning China and go elsewhere ... who can ...

Laowai with family in China don't have such an option.


Good luck to all!


P. S.

I have a great option (for me, at least!) at changing of the profession.

If somebody is looking for it. PM me for more details!


Just to add considering my statement above about AI ...

I was watching financial stream over u-Tube today and interviewee, Ran Neuner, who has his own stream channel, shows how he is able to broadcast his stream in any worldly language with the help of AI.

The thingy (AI) can even make his lips move and his voice sounds as he would really speak that foreign language .. for a higher fee, of course ... and all that is possible to arrange at the same time his English stream goes on.

Here is the link, if somebody wants to see this ...WAIT!

It's David Lin's (ex-Kitco News, Precious Metals presenter) stream ... click on the 40th minute, by the end of the stream ...

16 weeks 4 days ago
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17 weeks 1 day ago
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A: 1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen! 2. Have a look
A:1. Apply at FindJobz, top L corner of this screen! 2. Have a look over the Internet with "Requirements for an English teaching job in China" in search for more details.You could also look at the guidance titled "How to use an Internet, search engines in particular ..." for more in-dept knowledge. 3. As you can see from no. 2,, main requirement for an ET job in China is holding of a native English passport (UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and S. Africa), no different than anywhere else in the world. 4. Non-English native passport holders qualify for an ET job in China only if they hold BA degree completed in the native English country.However, most recruiters and hiring managers in China aren't aware of that exemption, so if you hold a degree from one or two native English countries, I suggest you include that into Introduction letter. Good lucky! P.S.Application for the NASA's Moon-to-Mars Program at the Cape Canaveral is less stringent than applying for an ET job as a non-native Englisher ...That of course, is an opinion of a non-English native teacher with lengthy English teaching experience in several different countries.  -- icnif77