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Q: WeChat Info needs to be updated..

Guessing other members that are in China have (or will) receive a Wechat message saying that "Acording to the relevant laws and  regulations, blah blah, blah updating or completing of information is required". Problem I have is that the passport I previously gave details for has expired so trying to find out how to update that info. I have contacted Wechat but yet to get a reply. Does anyone else have this issue, did you solve it?. Thanks in advance.

39 weeks 3 days ago in  Web & Technology - China

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How can I correct the information stored on my profile?

If your profile information is incorrect, you can log in to WeChat and correct your information by going to the Me tab, and tapping your user alias or headshot at the top of the screen. This will take you to the "My Profile" screen where you can edit your name and change your profile photo, gender, region, "What's Up" description, and any linked social media accounts.

At the current time, in order to ensure the safety of our account system, it is not possible to change your WeChat ID after it has been set once.


Profile information is available to other users if they are able to search or view your profile. You can control who is able to search, view, or add your WeChat account by going to the Me > Settings > Privacy and selecting Methods for Friending Me. For instance, if you disable WeChat ID, users will no longer be able to find your profile when searching your WeChat ID. By disabling Phone, users will not be able to search your account by mobile number nor will your account appear in "New Friend" recommendations if they have your phone number saved in their contact list.


 surprise Is this information helpful? ... they ask ...broken heart



You can now change your WeChat ID... once per year

Three years ago, WeChat made waves by finally allowing users to alter their account ID. As one outlet put it, “Netizens were moved to tears,” by the change in policy. However, there was a catch: you could only adjust your ID once.

Finally, the app will now allow users to change their ID but only once per year, meaning that if you changed your ID to, say, Snapchat_Hotdog420 in 2017, you can finally ditch that reference to a dead meme for something fresh, like sip_corona69, knowing full well that you can change it next year when it gets stale.

39 weeks 2 days ago
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I had looked around on my WeChat page and a few other places without finding how it can be done BUT on AliPay for example when you go to the Customer center section, "How can I change the passport (ID) number or name" it's the first answer... I know it doesn't solve my problem on WeChat, but it shows how easy it can be to give good support!

39 weeks 2 days ago
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39 weeks 2 days ago
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