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Q: What about Prepaid credit card in China?

i want to get some prepaid credit card in China linked with visa or mc, and with which i can pay some of my government feeses and taxes of my own country online, not China, and can buy some online stuff from e-stores like ebay, amazone, etc???

i already have China Merchants Bank in here and ICBC bank account and want to have prepaid credit card with mc/ visa international function. It is very strange that I cannot use my legalized earned money on myself in China, but welcome to open account with illegal money. Still needs a lot of improvements in banking system in China!

1 year 37 weeks ago in  General  - Beijing

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I've always used Chinese card holder to make online purchases for my cash refund because of the fact, I was unable to get Chinese Credit card or even Debit card for online purchases (before 2017).

I was legally employed in China, but bank wouldn't grant CC.

I had China Merchants Bank debit account with Visa/Mc logo. There are my threads here when I discovered CMB debit account with Visa/Mc logo issued to foreigners in 2010. I opened my first account in Dalian, Liaoning.

Bank assured me, I am also authorized to make online purchases, but ... I couldn't ever purchased anything online with CMB card. Even Chinese buddy couldn't use my CMB card online.


Yeah, I would say, you won't get Chinese CC as laowai for some of their reasons. I asked CMB for CC with limited balance for purchases, but they wouldn't barge.

If CMB still issues debit accounts with Visa/Mc logo to foreigners , that is sufficient. You don't need CC, but use CMB card for purchases out of China. In my time, CMB converted purchases abroad to Rmb by using spot exchange rate. You can exchange cash RMB to the foreign currency abroad by +10-15% fee on the top of spot exchange rate.

My 2nd favourite bank in China was Bank of China, with debit account, i.e. purchases only in China and no online banking.


ICBC on the other hand sucks ... They asked me 20 Rmb fee to open an account ... I never pay fee to the Bank to hold my funds.

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1 year 37 weeks ago
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