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Q: What are Chinese men looking in a Western woman?

We agree that Westerners are usually moar open-minded, moar extroverted than Chinese people. But I asked myself what Chinese men are looking for a Western woman? Is it their money and higher social status, like most Chinese women?

I sometime see mixed couple, Westerner being the woman, and most of the time, the woman is not really open. I usually go toward her and try my "spin-o-rama" high five as to say "we get the women, you get the men, champ'" but they usually lower their head and ignore me. Or they look away. It's quite annoying to tell the truth. I mean, everybody is already looking at you, you're a Westerner. So might as well feel good about it! I even saw one time the girl, smiling shyly, turning away and when i turned my back she showed me the bad finger!

Are they becoming like Chinese people? I know the culture is moar traditional, so the man takes decision, and maybe they are afraid of showing their emotions in front of you, but would talk and make gestures as soon as you turn your back. This is one hell of a sauerkraut personality trait! In Montana, 'Merica, we call'em "crooked-nosed stabbers". Cheesus christ, how can they be influenced like that?

But anyways, as anyone noticed that westerner women going out with Chinese men lose something that makes them... Chinese, but in a Westerner body?

9 years 50 weeks ago in  Culture - China

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You've got lots of negative stereotypes engrained in your thinking, PoutineDuFion.

Things aren't so clear cut between Chinese and foreigners. You make it sound like we're mingling with aliens.

As for girls ignoring you when you try your 'spin-o-rama', you probably scare them. Try flipping one of those to strangers in random parts of the States and you'd get more than the bird.

Otherwise, some foreigners don't really like to mingle with other foreigners in China. It kinda makes them edgy.

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9 years 50 weeks ago
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