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Q: What happens if you don't provide your up to date details from Student Loans UK?

I have received this email in my inbx and it says:  we will continue to contact you. We may apply a penalty or send your account to a third party to carry out checks on our behalf to verify your details. What is the penalty for this? Can they find out my details? How many people are there in China who doesn't pay their student loan at all?

1 year 39 weeks ago in  Money & Banking - China

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Student Loan UK is a bank, which grants loans to international students ...


Did you ever try to swindle the bank in your home country?


 ... me, neither ...


If they want, they will certainly find you ... through the gov. subsidiaries i.e. third party in your home country.

I'd say, you'll be also liable for the bank's expenses for the third party .. in addition to the loan you owe.

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1 year 39 weeks ago
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