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Q: What is the process for shipping goods to China from US?

I would like to send what is called a barrel to Dalian, China. In the barrel would be mostly food with some clothes and other things. However, I do not know any companies that does this, what the process is or if there are any applicable customs regulations. If any one can help me with any information on how to go about getting this barrel to China would be great!!!

12 years 23 weeks ago in  General  - Dalian

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In all honestly, if what you are moving is (or considered) household goods, the process is one long, complicated and with many documents required, will take a lot of space here to give you all details.  But sufficient to say that you must have the proper visa (not an "L" one), permits, etc.   Then you must seek and get a prior to shipment authorization from local authorities, then must pack the goods and can not use any type of wood as packing material or must have a pressure fumigation and a certificate of done so with the move, then I also know that  clothes are not allowed in the move, then locate a freight forwarder that can handle your partial load (full load will be at least a 20 ft container).  Oh, you must make a detailed list of each item placed in the barrel, with date of purchase, description and original cost.  One copy always with the move, one with you tpo show Customs here.  Then, once it arrives in China, locate here at a port near you another freight forwarder to receive it, process it thru Customs,
pay duty if any, and transport it over land from port your home.

My suggestion to you would be to first locate a fright forwarder here in China, and depending on what (in detail) you are planning to send here, decide if it will be consider a household move or just cargo.  If it will be cargo, it will be somewhat easier.  Coordinate your efforts with him here, have him contact his counterpart at your country, and then have goods packed properly and shipped.  If your primary forwarder is here in China, he will be the one answering for any shipping problems or claims, and it is better if he is here near you than thousands of miles away.

Be also aware that there are strick guidelines as to bringing food into China.  In general, cooked meat in ailess packs are allowed, no fruits at all, etc.

Suggest you Google "moving goods to China" and do some reading before you do go ahead, to avoid wasting money just to have your barrel confiscated when it gets here for not following some of the many rules.

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12 years 23 weeks ago
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