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Q: What is your experience and overall impression of living and working in Luoyang?

7 years 43 weeks ago in  Lifestyle - China

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Let me first state that I have never lived there or worked there....hell ive never even been to that province. Henan right? But no one has answered you for days so ill chime in, but if anyone else answers , please by all means, ignore this completly.

OK, here we go, Mikes guess at luoyang...

Its a historic city.... an ancient capital of china... so if thats your thing, there could be interesting things to do or see.

Henan girls ive met are kinda hot, but its a poorer place so maybe a little gold diggerish, but thats a generalization, theres good people every where.

Cold as all hell in the winter and super dry pretty much all the time.

Im guessing your salary will suck ass compared to top cities but on the other hand because its kind if a touristy city it might be more laowai friendly and convenient in terms of western food and coffee shops and stuff than other poop cities.

Travel during national holidays will be awsome and cheap for you because A henan people work everywhere but henan so for a holiday like spring festival tickets should be cheap as hell leaving henan and super expensive going to henan at the start of the holidays and the opposite at the end, great for you trying to leave. And B like i said kinda touristy, so easy to get the empty flights going back.

ummmmm and im spent!

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7 years 43 weeks ago
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