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Q: Whats the point of the big mops?

Mop and bucket, invented in Spain. Useful, and abundant in the west. Even in China you can find them at your local store and in any city. But here in China they also have the big mops. Mops that look like military issue, designed to last a life time or Something from an old Godzilla film. I've seen them everywhere, from restaurants to schools. What is purpose of these mops? These mops that don't have a bucket. They are useless for cleaning and actually swamp the floor. Another blast of ancient Chinese, stuck in the past, culture or is there something I'm missing?

9 years 40 weeks ago in  Health & Safety - Lanzhou

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I think they are multi use, for spit or piss and so need to be huge and plentiful.

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9 years 40 weeks ago
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