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Q: Where to buy natural products in Guangzhou

organic foods and ingredients, natural toileteries, washing powders, supplements without the additives, 100% pure coconut oil and pure essential oils etc etc.

Something like what you'd find in Holland and Barrett in the UK.

Are they generally cheaper than what you'd find in the UK?

10 years 12 weeks ago in  Shopping - Guangzhou

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I do not know if Corner's Deli will carry what you seek, but I have found many foreign products there.  They have 8 locations within Guangzhou, they one I visit is located on the basement of CITIC PLAZA, on 10, Unit SC-01, Back Street BM, CITIC Plaza 233, Tian He Bei Lu, and their phone number is 020-3877-1400.  They are maybe one half block away from Westin Hotel, near East Guangzhou Train Station and the US Consulate.

Good luck

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10 years 12 weeks ago
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