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Q: Where can I buy American books, shanzhai or otherwise, in China?

They're all printed here in China, so surely I must be able to find them here. Right? Well, I often hear of Chinese people pirating their textbooks. I'm in a funky situation here, so I need the books, whether or not they're pirated, and I need them before January. It takes 30 days to ship them here, so I'll probably get them in late December.


The textbooks MUST be in English. I don't understand complex technical and scientific terms in Chinese, so I need them as soon as humanely possible. If there's a place to buy these books in China, I'd love to jump all over it.



8 years 51 weeks ago in  Shopping - China

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You may want to ask around to other students.  I have been told that there are sites where you can download textbooks, though I don't personally know of any.


China won't pirate (much) that they can't directly use.  So even finding pirated textbooks in English (especially higher learning types) is going to be very difficult.  The market for the pirates just isn't there to make it a profitable thing to do.


You might want to see if there are kindle versions of your books online that you can get.  That way they would be legal and you could download them quickly.

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8 years 51 weeks ago
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