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Q: Where can I buy REAL jade?

There's just so much fake jade about, I don't know where to begin to look for authentic REAL jade. Any halp?

10 years 26 weeks ago in  Shopping - China

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i know a place ,but its in wuhan .. when you come to wuhan , i might help..

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10 years 26 weeks ago
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My Chinese wife is takeing me to Guangzhau to buy wholesale jade. She seems to know her jade.

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10 years 6 weeks ago
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Real Jade is sold on many stores all over China, along with "fake jade too.
You should either find somewone you trust and knows jade, or you become knowledgeable, or just take a risk.  Your choice.

One thing do, I will not buy any piece of jade as "real jade" if a certificate of authenticity fully describing the piece and with an offer of an inmediate refund of the full sale price if found to be a fake piece is not given at the time of sale.
In order for you to become a bit more familiar with jade, read carefully below:

Jade is a beautiful stone that can be green, orange, or white. Any other color is a fake.

Jade refers to two different minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite.

To tell these two stones apart from other gemstones, all you really need to do

is get a specific gravity measurement (i.e. a ratio between how much the stone

weighs in air versus in water). Jadeite is 3.33 and Nephrite is 2.95. Simulants

will vary. For e.g. Quartz is 2.56. Seasoned gemstone enthusiasts will also be

able to identify jade based on its color, luster, inclusions and other physical


A quick (but sometimes destructive) test is to use your swiss

blade to scratch the jade. (Do this at an inconspicuous spot, just in case!)

Jade is harder than steel and should not scratch. In some cases, there may be a

line of metal that adheres onto the rock. Examine it well so as not to confuse

it with a true scratch. Many simulants are softer than jade and will yield to a

steel blade.

There are some other fast (and non-destructive) tests &

observations you can conduct at home that might shed some light on whether you

have jade or something else.

Hold the stone in your hand. Does it feel cool to touch? (You may have seen Chinese or Burmese people touch jade to their cheeks to test its coolness as a sign of authenticity.) Observe the texture of the material. If there is a fracture, the texture should be splintery and rough.

If it shows fairly smooth flat surfaces and "faults" (cleavage planes), you may

have another type of green stone. e.g. Amazonite. If it is polished, does it

look like it has a "dimpled" skin? Can you see tiny veining on the surface? If

it is translucent, does the material look slightly fibrous? Jadeite tends to

have brighter hues and a shinier polish than nephrite, which is more muted in

color and subdued in luster.

Be careful! Even if you have "real jade", take note that Jadeite is commonly treated. A-jade is natural jade that has not been treated in any way.

B is jade that has been bleached. If it is dyed, it is considered C-jade. Even experts run into difficulties identifying treated jades.

At the end of the day, sending it to a gem laboratory is probably the best option.

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10 years 6 weeks ago
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