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Common folk

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Q: where can I find current information on and application criteria for the Entrepreneur Visa?

This is a new type of visa for foreigners. I would like to know if the criteria for this visa, "innovative" business plans, is limited to new technical products or can it be any new business idea that might be successful in China?

21 weeks 6 days ago in  Visa & Legalities - Shenzhen

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The requirements vary to a small extent depending on the region where they are offered. But, in general, a non-Chinese person that wants to apply needs to fulfill either of the following requirements.

1.The applicant has to provide an innovation plan or a business plan. Also, they have to be a graduate of a Chinese university.

2.The person plans to invest in China or provides an innovation plan (a business plan can be a good option too).

To apply for an entrepreneur visa (startup visa), as a student, one has to belong to the following categories:

*International students currently enrolled in one of Shanghai’s institutes of higher education and who have the stated intention to engage in part-time entrepreneurship in “mass entrepreneurship and innovation-accredited” science and technology parks, incubators, and maker spaces in specific areas (e.g. Yangpu District, Changning District, and so on).

*Top-notch foreign students and graduates from Chinese top-level universities or world-renowned universities outside of China who graduated no more than two years prior to applying and who have made excellent achievements in entrepreneurship and innovation.!

There are five categories of eligibility for the entrepreneurship visa:

1. Foreign students who intend to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai and are recent graduates from a Chinese university.

2. Foreigners who plan to invest or engage in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai.

3. Excellent foreign graduates who graduated from well-known overseas universities less than two years ago and who are engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai.

4. Foreign members of innovation and entrepreneurship teams that are planning to launch a business in key development fields and industries in China.

5. Foreign research assistants who are led by foreigners who have made significant contributions and are in “special demand” in China.

The Chinese Entrepreneurship Visa is not actually a separate visa. It is actually a residence permit of private affairs, which has a special annotation of entrepreneurship. The policy was introduced by the government to facilitate the entry of foreigners to China to start businesses. The Entrepreneurship Visa has been piloted in several selected cities and provinces. For international graduates from Chinese universities, who are planning to start their own business in China, the Entrepreneurship Visa has helped them land in China quickly.


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21 weeks 5 days ago
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The important part about an entrepreneurship permit is that you need a plan and this is in multiple regards. It is not a long term solution. It is issued for at most 2 years. A business plan in an area that China is promoting in which you plan to try to start your business in will be required. It will generally not count toward the two years of experience required for a work permit, so if you do not meet the work permit requirements then this is not a solution. Either way you would need to register a company and legalize the situation soon enough.

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18 weeks 1 day ago
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