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Q: Where can I find temporary storage rooms in Guangzhou?

Just moved in from the States and got a bunch of furniture and boxes that don't fit in the small apartment my employer pays for. Is there any place where I can put it away for a few months? Preferably a clean and neat place with air conditioning cause don't want my stuff to get ruined in this humid weather. Thanks.

8 years 14 weeks ago in  Lifestyle - Guangzhou

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There are many in Guangzhou,i just give list two here,if you are not content,then you can ask a Chinese friend and they will guide you to the others.

1.  BBC ministorage(百宝仓),it's mainly for storage of small things,but it can also store furniture.

Address:Room 2903,south tower,Fuli Yingli Building,No. 3,Huaqiang Road,Pearl River New City,Tianhe District,Guangzhou


Their website:


2.Guangzhou Kaixiang Transportation Co.,Ltd

Address:A1-A3 warehouse,No.2  Xinglong Road,Qingfeng village,Shijing Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou

Tel:020-62199012 or 020-62199005 or 15989060277


The rent is usually a little more than 10 RMB per square meter each month.You can try the outskirts,it's usually much cheaper and there are more choices,there are many warehouses in the places such as Taihe and Longgui,you can have a Chinese go with you.





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8 years 13 weeks ago
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