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Q: Why are Chinese girls obsessed with marriage?

I've had some Chinese girlfriends in the past and always ALWAYS within a few weeks the subject of 'the future' is broached and it inevitably includes questions about marriage or in less severe cases, living together.
How the hell do I find an easy-going Chinese girl who isn't gonna stress about marriage or how many kids she wants to have with me? It seems an impossible task.

12 years 51 weeks ago in  Relationships - China

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Come on! We are in 2011 and still people are so close minded (pardon my English...I know is not that good). First of all, before judge, you have to consider the social environment those women come from. In a society where the woman cannot have a future if is not married, is totally normal if they are obsessed of marriage. In other countries where a woman can have a good life without marriage, obsession of marriage is lass...I know my English is shit but you get my meaning. And guys: not all the woman in this world wants marriage and babies! It depends on the cultural circumstances and the education. For example me and some friends I have, are not interested in marriage at all (no way!) and babies? Ok, but after 10 years (I am 26), If I have a baby now my life would be spoiled. I live in China alone far from my house and country, I work and I have many ambitions and a baby would not make me able to do all the things I want to do.
But imagine a woman that needs to marry to have a normal life (I feel pity for them, honestly), of course they are obsessed!
So my meaning is that not all the women want the same thing and it depends on the cultural circumstances and on their situation.


I agree with you that some women are not meant to marry and have children. But even lesbians want to be married and have kids so how much more does a heterosexual career woman liberated from the shackles of patriarchal rule want the same thing? You sound like a woman whose been hurt and is trying to avoid being hurt again by running away from anyone wants to marry you. You're line of thinking isn't natural for a woman or even a man for that.

12 years 27 weeks ago
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12 years 33 weeks ago
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