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Q: Why are the microphone receivers in Chinese cell phones so poor?

we always hear about how China's cellphone industry is so large and strong, how it makes good cellphones. However, if this is true, it makes little sense why the receiver is of such poor quality. I don't understand. I feel bad for Chinese people who buy these phones and are forced to yell into them because they are of such poor quality.

5 years 19 weeks ago in  General  - Other cities

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I'll give you 3 answers to this. Make your pick which you think is most likely


A) In a more technical explanation. High end phones have several microphones, e.g. one by the mouth and one on the top. The two microphones will then both listen. Then to filter out background noise, the sound picked up from both gets compared, a processor determines the difference in direction of the sound based on the speed of sound and can thus filter off the background noise from the mouth facing microphone. Doing this requires processing power and higher end hardware. Generally a lot of China phones are cheap because they are using reference hardware design living up to the bare minimum of what is required. 


B) The phones are fine, the people are faulty. 


C) All the development budget was put into making a speaker that would be able to play ringtones at a volume where you don't have to be bothered if you are standing behind a jet engine. 

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5 years 19 weeks ago
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