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Q: Why do Chinese people eat cats and dogs?

i really dont get it. why why why??

12 years 41 weeks ago in  Food  - China

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The main reason is cultural, according to a Chinese friend of mine. It's because Westerner's see cats and dogs as household pet, and we even consider them part of family. So eating them is a big no-no, and we are shocked when we see hanging dogs on a stall.

Very interestingly, when I arrived in 'Merica, I had to live in a trailer park. It was a nice experience, but I admit it took some time before people would see me as one of them. They knew I was born in France, because of my accent. They didn't make fun of me, and encouraged me to get better. They were all really nice people, especially Sandy, the proudest 'Merican of all the park, who helped me a lot on teaching me how to brine meat and how to use a homemade charcoal barbecue.

But they were really curious, and asked me several time why would French people would eat frogs and snails. For them, it was "weird". Maybe it is the same feeling we have when we see Chinese eating cats and dogs. I remember Sandy once told me she would never try eating a snail (even with a ton of garlic!) but that "if a lot of people do it, then there must be a reason to it".

We should all take example on Sandy, and be respectful on all the Chinese that eat cats and dogs.

And when Wenna says "no we don't", she means people like her. Since she is different than everybody else, of course she doesn't eat dog and cat!

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12 years 38 weeks ago

Getting halp from moar and moar people is like spin-o-rama high-fiving new friends on with a tip of the hat finishing move.

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