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A: Your potential employer is right! Demand for Medical exam before
A:Your potential employer is right! Demand for Medical exam before granting Z visa is to make sure, you won't be entering China in any abnormal and harmful to others condition.Few days after your arrival to China, you'll be required to complete another ME ... If ME in China will be OK, you'll get a Residence permit stamp into your book some 10-days afterwards. Imagine, you're an employer, who can sponsor my entry and work in China, but after my arrival to China would be found I carry some sickness, which would prevent Chinese .gov to issue a Residence permit. Rule is: Z visa should be converted into Residence permit in 30-days after entry to China.    So, my advice is:"Complete ME in your home country and forward medical results to your employer".Z visa grant will follow shortly afterwards. Employer is not wrong at their demand for the pre-arrival ME from your home country hospital.   -- icnif77