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Q: Anyone had experience to have advertisements in SH People's Square?

People post their advertisements in Shanghai People's Square for marriage?


Wonder anyone did it and the results.


Besides, they should have their own real pictures without Photoshop effects on their adv.

8 years 26 weeks ago in  General  - Shanghai

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Yes, it's a well-known wedding market place : people comes with a paper, with pictures, a description of who they are and what they want. It can be the person itself, but most of the time, it's the mom or the dad of the person to marry. Think of a dating website in real-life, with mommy filling-in your profile and picking your dates. What can possibly go wrong, mom knows best Do they find love ? Well, they might find a suitable partner according to mommy criteria, that's one result. About love, I guess that's an optional but welcome side-effect of the whole procedure.

I saw this in Nanjing, next to one of the gate of the big downtown public park. It seems to be a common sight in Chinese cities.

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8 years 26 weeks ago
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