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Q: Anyone have any success with repairing a broken Xbox 360?

My disk drive is so damaged that even the drive won't open. I just gave up on it, but now with GTA V out I want to use it again.


I know the small shops can do alterations and "cracks", but I don't know how they are with repairs as big as this (or say, the RROD). What's your experience? 


I'm in Beijing, recommend me a repair shop.



5 years 26 weeks ago in  Web & Technology - Beijing

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No experience with XBox, but generally when things are repaired in China they will work. We've had different household appliances and electronics repaired, and even though the results might look questionable, things have always come back in working order. Do not expect beautiful soldering or original parts. Usually it would be pretty cheap for the labor part, and the parts can't be that bad. The shops that can hack XBox's should be able to replace a part. If it's broke, either you throw it directly in the trash or you invest a couple of kuai in having it fixed before you throw it in the trash. 

Make sure you specify a maximum amount you will let them use on parts and time. 

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5 years 25 weeks ago
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