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Q: Are there train cards to go from city to city?

This may seem like a long shot, but I'm coming down to Shenzhen soon and will probably be traveling around the South of China. What's the easiest way of going about it? Are there monthly train/bus/anything passes to travel?

Basically is there anything that might facilitate me traveling around in just southern china?

9 years 36 weeks ago in  Transport & Travel - Shenzhen

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i dont think there is a certain card which we can use to travel multiple times. well each time u r supposed to stand in a big Q and u r supposed to buy the ticket for one time travel. Good luck

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9 years 36 weeks ago
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There is not a train card (or "pass" as we know it) in China yet. You must buy each leg you wish to travel. Tickets are only sold in a two weeks into the futrure window from today, anything further away than two weeks will not be sold.

You can buy tickets at train stations and be prepared for long lines and over one hour of wait. I use some travel agancies for my train tickets, no time wasted in line, and only charge me 5 yuan over ticket cost for their service.

Do not buy train tickets from idividuals, could be expired or fakes, and will not be honored.

If I travel by train under 3 or 4 hours in time, I use " soft seat" category. Anything over 4 hours, I use "soft sleeper, lower bed" only. Remember to bring toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, snacks and drinks, and I do bring a good book to read also.

Normally, on soft sleeper cars, one end will have chinese toilet, the other end will have a western type toilet

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9 years 28 weeks ago
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