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Q: Can anyone recommend any good cobblers in Beijing?

I've got at least half a dozen shoes with broken heels, souls and holes in them. I've brought them to my local cobbler before but they broke again after a day. I'm willing to spend a bit extra to ensure they're fixed properly. It'll still be cheaper than buying new shoes.

9 years 34 weeks ago in  General  - Beijing

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Well, in Beijing, you know there are two major outlet stores, the silk market and one that's near BFE. They have shoe repair in the shoe departments, they are good, I've had alot of work done by them. On the flip side, try buying shoes on Taobao, or go to Beijing South, and take the North exit walk out and go straight across the street. You will see a lrge shoe outlet center. If you know how to bargain, you can walk out with 6 pairs of high heels that are ok quality for around 100 rmb.
Then who needs shoes fixed, just be a fashionable Lolitta.

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9 years 34 weeks ago
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