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Q: Chinese interns lack sense of humour?

Yesterday, I decided me and my Chinese girlfriend would go eat at fancy restaurant after I finish work, but I wanted to add a twist to it, because everything is always funnier when there's fun lying around!

Before leaving the office, I told the Chinese intern that she had to come to our place to babysit our kid. It was hard not to giggle when I said this, because I don't have any children! The Chinese intern looked at me oddly, then said she had a date with her boyfriend. I replied it was very important if she wanted a permanent post after the end of her internship, so of course she called her boyfriend to cancel her date.

When I came back home, my Chinese girlfriend looked at the intern with a very weird look. I gave the "don't ask question" to her, then told the Chinese intern that the child was already sleeping in his room, and that waking him up was a big no-no. We went to the restaurant, drank wine and had very good dinner. It was really fun!

When we came back, the Chinese intern was watching TV in the living room. I asked if the child was doing okay, she said yes. I went into our guest bedroom, then came back yelling "WHERE IS JEBEDIAH? (i made up the name)" then dragged her to the room so she would see it's empty. She started panicking very hard, while I was very inquisitive about what she did. It was difficult because I'm not used to be hard on my minion, and I was really giggling inside. I sent her home, saying we would talk about it the day after.

This morning, she was sweating very much. I called her on the intercom to come see me in my office, then i started cackling like a little girl. When she arrived, she was so scared it was very very funny! I then told her it was a joke, the kind that got me up the ladder back in HQ in Montana, 'Merica. I asked her how good the joke was, but much to my surprise, she didn't say a word and left my office.

It led me to wonder why she didn't say a word.

Is it because the young generation lack a sense of humour?

8 years 48 weeks ago in  Business & Jobs - China

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the reason why the intern left without saying a word maybe is that she felt angry but you are a boss so she chose to be silent. she concelled her date, but you just joked with her. and of course there is an invisible cultural wall between you two so you will misunderstand each other. for you the joke is funny, for her which is meaningless and kind of humiliating since you are a foreign boss. in china, as a subordinate is not polite and a wise way to say somehting to against the boss.

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8 years 45 weeks ago

attitude is everything

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