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Q: Does anybody know of a chiropractor in Guangzhou ?

This would help many people around town.

10 years 12 weeks ago in  Health & Safety - Guangzhou

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You must be aware that Chiropractor is not a recognized medical profession in China, so if you happen to find one, It will probably be a foreigner, or a local with foreign training. 


There is one in Guangzhou that I know of, but to my knowledge, he is good but very expensive, like 700 Rmb per visit.  He is at  Bellaire International Clinic,   Dr. H.K. Chen (practices chiropractic).  As I already said,  he is really good, American trained. 


This is very misleading info---I visited this doc/clinic based on this info and they are just "thief" overcharging enormously; I thought 700RMB/visit as fixed fee which is high but acceptable, but the bill I received showed 700RMB consultation fee for first visit (what consultation? just talking about my pain status..)+ meager 3 small cut xray 1200RMB + 1 hour sports massage as treatment 1150RMB (outside massage at 80RMB is as good)=total 3050RMB bill. I never heard about this kind of charges even in the USA and Royal Screwing in Guangzhou. I strongly suggest DO NOT GO TO BELLEAIRE CLINIC!!

9 years 3 weeks ago
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10 years 11 weeks ago
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