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Q: Does sleeping with students become acceptable once you're a university professor?

Lines are hazy when it comes to high school teachers sleeping with students. If they have a little power in the school, forget about it.


But for university teachers, things seem to be a lot A Chinese friend was casually telling me how a 50+ British professor of literature in Peking University had a new girlfriend every year or so. Open secret type of thing. I imagine things aren't so different with Chinese professors


Aren't there rules for dating and sleeping with university students?



8 years 9 weeks ago in  Teaching & Learning - China

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"But for university teachers, things seem to be a lot"


According to whom? Definitely not the university. I think if you asked most (if not all) administrative heads, or the teachers themselves, they would not consider this subject "open." Or even questionable. Proper behavior is not just assumed, so in many cases, it is spelled out explicitly in the contract, such as "Thou shall not date or have sex with students." That is pretty much cut and dried.


Yes, it does happen, but as soon as the "word gets out," that a teacher is sleeping with their students, then he, in most cases, will not be employed long, and will have a very hard time finding a job at another college or university.


I teach over 200 girls a week, and they are just that; "my girls." I call them young ladies in order for them to start thinking of themselves as adults, but to me they are girls. Are they cute? Sure. Some are beautiful enough to be models. But they are my students, and to try and go that other route would not only damage my reputation, but ruin any integrity I had with my wife, and the life that I want to build while here in China. It could also have the potential to induce some negative psychologically problems for them.


My job is to help them in life, not hurt them. That is one reason why I'm here.

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8 years 9 weeks ago
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