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Q: Does you local train station have a clock?

So I just finished my summer vacation to Saipan this year and waiting in the Beijing South train station departure area, I noticed that if you did not have a watch or a phone, there is no clock with the current time.


Jinan post the current time on the computer board and the platform while your waiting.


Smaller stations usually have a clock on the wall at some distance from the seating area.


I just thought if a traveler from a different time zone came off a flight and taxi to the train station and could not get the correct time and did not speak Chinese, he or she is SOL In the capital city of China. Rather odd.


In other news for any Americans, have to check the facts with some research, but Saipan has medicare for all inhabitants regardless of income and a flat 9 percent income tax regardless of income, and no winter, might have found my new retirement home, one local had his daughter flown to San Diego for surgery, plane, hotel, everything paid.

37 weeks 6 days ago in  Transport & Travel - China

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Ya I've noticed the missing clocks in stations. Now they just display the time on the electronic schedule boards. 

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37 weeks 5 days ago
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