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Q: new visa question

Hello ona and all


I currently am in Beijing with residence permit which expires on August 31st


I am absolutely leaving Beijing this summer (june 16th)


what do I have to do before hand to ensure a new residence permit with another school in Guangdong province

dont know what school but its going to be Guangdong province, with out going home to re-new or apply for anything


I want to do all this in China before I leave on june 15th (going overseas for 2 month Holiday) so want to try and have it all done if possible, without going home to Ireland

if I have to go to Ireland to do anything then I wont leave my job, i will just renew my current residence permit and stay in this job


so how to do it ( need to get a new employer 1st ) ????????????


any and all advice welcome



2 years 6 weeks ago in  Visa & Legalities - Beijing

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'Before hand' is questionable, 'cause .... I'll describe through my own experience:


If you don't want to apply for new Z in your home, you must get Release letter and FEC Cancelation certificate from your present (last) RP sponsor.


Both documents are required to extend RP with new employer without exiting China (for new Z).


A week before Contract expiration .. (note: my RP-s always ended on the same date as Contract. PSB never granted longer RP than that it was validity of the Contract!), you must go to PSB with School's rep. and apply for 30-days RP extension.

30-days extension is 'grant', which purpose is either 'exiting China/traveling' or 'changing an employer'.


You should have your new Contract signed, before you'll go to PSB for 30-days extension. Make sure, your new employer hold 'laowai hire certificate', because if employer doesn't have such an authorisation, you'll be required to change your visa (to any other visa, but NOT to Z, proper working visa).

After your last working day, you must hurry-up to the new employer city with both documents (above) handy.

Your new RP sponsor will need 30-days to arrange everything for new RP transfer. If you're changing Provinces, new Medical exam is required .....You must be present at new employer!

It's a lot of wasting of time at transfer, but 30-days RP extension is just enough time for new RP sponsor to get all docs. together. For me, it was always 'idle' time in these 30-days and I've never traveled during that time.

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2 years 6 weeks ago
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@icnif77 Buddy old pal please update yourself and start replying to these guys with the updates, your : "transfer your Z visa to new employer" advice has been flushed down the toilet, it won't be done like that now, no no no, that is over my friend, gone, finished, you can't renew the visa like before.


@dyanisis (Sorry I get bad vibes with the last 4 letters in your user ID.)
Anyway listen to me as I do work in GuangDong, I am updated and I can tell you the truth and save you time and effort.



1. The new ABC talent visas will start in 21 days & 19 hours.

2. GuangDong has already started to use this new visa. No more FEC booklets

3. People who wish to move to a new employer must have the new & correct docs and got everything authenticated:  1. Degree 2. TEFL or Certs 3. Two years of reference letters and 4. A criminal backgrounds check or FBI check. All these doc's have to be authenticated by the China Embassy in your home country & signed by your university and so on.

4. You will need to go back to Ireland to do a lot of this. (Not sure you have mail in agent service in Ireland.)


You can't change jobs without this big Chinese Embassy stickers on the back of each certified & signed doc..  No, I'm telling you it ain't gonna happen with out these.


We have seen the FEC office letter, they have told everyone, I'm not making this junk up. My HR is going crazy, can't find new people mostly due to the dollar rate & visa hassle  and even asking us to go home and prepare for the future. (I'm halfway done.)


Please remember that B class workers that are teachers now can be denied, B class means limit those coming in.


Now, mind if I call you Dyan and leave off the last 4 letters? Thanks. So if you have already done all of these things and have those doc's in your hand with the embassy sticker on it with a small shiny circle on the bottom of it than forget everything I said, but not about the last four letters in your ID.

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2 years 6 weeks ago
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