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Q: Source for Bagchen tiles

I have a couple of sets of Chinese dominoes that we enjoy playing games with.  I am interested in a set of Tibetan style tiles for playing Bagchen.  (I know that technically they are the same, but I would like a set of the authentic Tibetan design.)  Finding a source for these has been more difficult than I would have thought in the internet age.  Does anyone know of an online or mail-order house that sells these and ships globally?  I post this in the "Lhasa" section because I've read that they are readily available at shops there.

8 years 21 weeks ago in  Arts & Entertainment - Lhasa

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I've probably seen this on the street markets. They do have a lot of Tibetan workers here working in the mainland. I got me a chess set once not sure where the guy was all I know is a majority or a large part of the sellers are from that region of China. There is a famous street market in Beijing that's where I got my chess set for 10 kuai. You could probably find one here so yes it's probably true that they are readily available here. 

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8 years 21 weeks ago

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