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Q: Is the train trip to Tibet worthwhile?

I know the other question was about visiting Lhasa. But this question is more about the train trip, which would be my primary reason for going. Is the trip worthwhile?. Which city is the best departure point, in as far as experiecing the best scenery and engineering aspects of the journey? Is there a need to acclimatize to the oxegen levels and can that be done on the train trip? What is the aproximate cost and what type of sleeper would you recommend?

11 years 29 weeks ago in  Transport & Travel - Lhasa

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Seeing the countryside as you climb higher and higher is a must. The views are mind-blowing. I traveled in a tv show caravan, so sorry I can't answer the train questions. As far as the oxygen levels, that depends on your personal health and how much activity you plan on doing once you're there. The Chinese have a root that really helps with altitude sickness. You just break off a chunk and throw it in hot water. It's got a really bitter taste, but squeeze a little honey in it and it's not a bad drink. But I do have to warn you, the stuff's got a kick and can leave you feeling loopy, if not high, and wondering if you will pass a drug test anytime soon. The TV crew made everyone take it and for the show we did rafting and a little mountain climbing; and as far as I'm away not a single person fell victim to altitude sickness.

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11 years 29 weeks ago
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