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Q: What tax deductions are allowable?

Naturally, my university wants to dip into my pay. I also know, I'm allowed up to 4800 in deductions every month.

I know about rent - but what else?? Taxis? Dinners?? Etc...??? Everything I've read is vague.

I really need deductions that my work CAN'T refuse.

(Yes, I know I need fapiaos!)

12 years 18 weeks ago in  Business & Jobs - Hangzhou

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Actually, there are no real deductions.  Well, there are some special cases involving home mortgages and some things like that which probably don't apply.

If your contract allows for certain expenses that can be recouped by turning in a fapiao, then that is one thing you can do.  (This is VERY common for people to do here.)  If your contract doesn't allow for expenses to be reimbursed, then all the fapiaos in the world will do you no good.

But, remember TIC (This is China), they can and most likely will refuse anything they don't like.  Regardless of whether they legally can or not.


I'm getting this.... Even stranger (to us) is I'm being told that they'll accept some fapiaos NOW, but normally they don't....???? WTF?

12 years 18 weeks ago
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That is a standard comment they give you so that they have the ability to refuse you at any time if they want to. If they told you, "Sure, we will take fapiaos any time" then they couldn't tell you no in the future. This way they can. Don't expect rules or regulations to be followed here. That isn't going to happen with any regularity.

12 years 18 weeks ago
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12 years 18 weeks ago
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