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Q: Where can I buy cuban cigars in Beijing?

Yeah, this question was asked last year, but it wasn't really answered (and I don't have time to order online, nor do I want 100 cigars at a time)


Anyway, I'm looking to buy 3-4  for friends back home. Anyone know where I can buy them in Beijing and about how much they'll cost? Also, what's the likelihood of these being confiscated when I'm going home (I plan to do it anyway, but I'm just curious).




11 years 26 weeks ago in  Shopping - Beijing

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First, I think that you are an American so technically yes, there is a chance that your Cuban cigars might get confiscated upon re-entry into the States.


Now re Cuban cigars in Beijing, I found this on the Chinese web, Chinglish and all:


Beijing Friendship Store, Jian Guo Men Wai, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station opposite. Perhaps there will be 
of course, there are: the location of the 
2000 Beijing Cigar Lounge Restaurant Club 
: Chaoyang District, Beijing Sanyuan Bridge - Liangmaqiao 
address: Beijing Liangmaqiao Road No. 52 
Tel: 010-64677534 Davidoff Palace Hotel store: It can be said is the oldest cigar store in Beijing, due to various reasons have not been able to expand its operations. Provide high-quality the DAVIDOFF cigars and cigar accessories. Mike Newton Kunlun Hotel, International Trade store: Beijing's most famous cigar store, product mainly to MACANUDO cigar, while also providing good quality Cuban cigars. A wide variety of cigar accessories, even the pipes and related accessories are exceptionally complete. China World Hotel store: Cuban cigars Dannemann mechanism cigar main variety, catch up with the trend of the Kunlun cigar shop. Kunlun Hotel Cigar Bar: Located Kunlun second floor of the old Shanghai Jinjiang cigar bar, cigar bar in Beijing classic. The only drawback is that due to space constraints, not scale. Quintero cigars Museum: located in Chaoyang District, Kerry Centre, a small space, but the unique decoration to make up for this shortcoming.Beijing Xiushui Street Montecristo (Monte) cigar store in a East Union Square the Dongzhimen East in the street, the basement there is a cigar bar, you can try it! These places but that house authentic do not know because I have not smoked or your own taste! ! !

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11 years 26 weeks ago
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