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Q: Where can I find the best tailors in Xi'an?

Finally, after a long wait, my Z visa is arriving tomorrow and my husband and I emigrate to Xi'an for, at least, 3 years as higher education teachers.


Since I got the job last year I have been dreaming about nice tailor-made suits since 1) I have been moving countries like crazy in the past decade and my wardrobe has been reduced to a chunk of unmatching clothes. 2) I am also quite young for a uni prof (and a woman!) and I think nice formal suits would help to look less like a 'girl' and gain authority in a crowded classroom.



- Is there any particular area where to find tailors?

- What is the price range?

- How long do they take?

- Any hope they can speak some English?


Thanks in advance


9 years 50 weeks ago in  Shopping - Xi'an

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The best thing to do is ask locals after you arrive.

Depending on the part of the city you are located in (do you know that yet?), you can probably find one nearby

Locals will know the best (most reasonably priced) places and help you negotiate a fair price.

You will find no shortage of people offering to help when you arrive.

But don't rush into things - wait a couple of months to find the most reliable local


Prices will vary depending on your pocket

Times will vary - a local friend will help to ensure you are not scammed

Bring a local English speaking friend


you will enjoy the experience of getting good quality, perfect fitting clothes 

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9 years 50 weeks ago
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