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Q: Where's the best place to admire peach/cherry blossoms around Shanghai?

10 years 7 weeks ago in  Lifestyle - Shanghai

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From the archives of eChinacities and without their permission, I copy and paste the following, good until April 25, 2012.  Hope you have a marvelous time Lolita, and take many photos too !.


Nanhui Peach Blossom Village 南汇桃花村
Add: 289 Beimen Lu, Huinan County, Nanhui District, Shanghai
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
Tel: 021 5801 9595
Price: 55 RMB
Getting there: take Nanxin Line to Nanhui from Shanghai Train Station

Dutuan Peach Garden boasts over 80 acres of peach blossoms of 20 different varieties. Visitors can also enjoy vegetable picking, fishing, barbecuing and other fun farm activities as well.

Dutuan Peach Garden大团桃园
Add: 888 Zhaoqiao country, Datuan County, Nanhui District, Shanghai
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00
Tel: 021 5808 3333 603 (601)
Price: 40 RMB
Getting there: take subway Line 2 to Zhangjiang Station then transfer to Zhang Nan Line to Nanhui Bus Station; then take a taxi to Datuan Peach Garden.

Xinchang Peach Park is spread out over 160 acres, and includes a scenic waterway area known as “Shuxiang Taoyuan”. Here visitors can eat locally farmed food, sample peach blossom flavoured tea, and enjoy the local folk customs.

Xinchang Peach Park 新场桃花村
Add: Xinyang Town, Nanhui District, Shanghai 上海市南汇区新场古镇
Opening hours: 9:00-16:00
Tickets: 30 RMB
Getting there: take subway line 2 to Longyang Lu station and then transfer to Huinan Line, Nandu Line or 628

Binhai Peach Heaven covers nearly 200 acres, and boasts over 40,000 peach blossom trees, and it is one of the four main locations for the Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival.

Binhai Peach Heaven 滨海世外桃源
Add: 61 Tongyuan Donglu, Binhai Tourist Resort, Shanghai
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Tel: 021 6829 0056
Price: 36 RMB
Getting there: take subway line 2 to Longyang Lu station and transfer to Longbin Line

Heqing Organic Peach Garden is the relative newcomer to the Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival. In addition to enjoying the peach blossoms at this location, you can also make your own handcrafted weavings, pick vegetables and other activities.

Heqing Organic Peach Garden合庆有机桃园
Add: 98 Qianshao Zhi Lu, Heqing County, Shangahi
Price: 25 RMB
Getting there: take bus no, 989 or the Chuanhe line to Qianshao Zhilu Longdong Zhilu station (前哨支路龙东支路站)

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10 years 7 weeks ago
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