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Please refrain from bashing, insulting or otherwise berating people asking or answering questions. The purpose of this platform is to assist, not abuse one another. With that purpose in mind, being courteous and respectful will earn you polite responses from those around you. Vulgar language, disruptive behavior and rants will be removed. Overtly racial comments about either Chinese or foreigners will not be tolerated and should be reported if the moderator doesn’t deal with it first. Users who engage in such posting will be dealt with according to the Warning and Banning guidelines

Advertising and Spamming

Advertisements of any kind are not allowed. Any questions or answers whose sole aim is to plug a business or promote a product will be removed. This includes:

1) Posting “camouflaged advertisement” answers on a series of old, related questions (“Hey there! I had this problem too, but I can help you! Check out this website: or call my cell: ### #### ####”).
2) Posting a web link, email, Tel # or other direct information about a company or service in your “Signature”, “About Me or “Interests” fields.
3) Posting specific, personalized questions asking users to help you find a job in China. Broad questions are acceptable (“How do you find a teaching job in Guangzhou?”); specific questions are not (“I want to work in finance in Guangzhou, do you know anyone in the industry?”) Please consult the eChinacities Jobs section instead.
4) Any other such content deemed blatant advertising by the moderators and/or reported by users.

Those caught advertising will be dealt with according to the Warning and Banning guidelines . Those caught spamming will be given a single warning; the second offense will result in a permanent ban.

Illegal sites/ Sensitive Discussions

Questions or comments relating to illegal activity, such as pornography, drugs, etc will be immediately deleted and will lead to a ban from our site. Please also refrain from engaging in overtly political and sensitive discussions which, in addition to you, could also get us in trouble.


Warning and Banning

On a case-by-case basis, users may be allowed to switch to a new user account by sending an appeal to; explaining the reason for the new account. In most cases, users who have been frequently warned and/or received temporary bans will not be allowed to switch to a new account.

In order to keep the Answers board a friendly and helpful place, users whose posts violate the Community Guidelines  will receive a warning via email for each infraction. However, in the case of serious violations such as mass spamming or promoting illegal activity, we will not hesitate to ban a user immediately without prior warning. In the majority of cases, warning and banning will be handled according to the following “3-2-1” system:

1)    Three warnings against a user during a one-month period of time will result in a temporary three-day ban, after which the ban will be lifted.
2)    Two more warnings will result in a temporary two-week ban, after which the ban will be lifted.
3)    One more will result in either a one-month or permanent ban, decided on by the moderators.
In the case of a permanent ban, after three months have passed, banned users may submit an appeal to  to re-join the community on a “parole” basis, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis. If after re-joining the community the user receives one additional warning, then their permanent ban will be reinstated, permanently.