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A: I had a similar experience in HK. If I recall correctly, before or at
A:I had a similar experience in HK. If I recall correctly, before or at the Z visa application, I had to submit ME from the ordinary HK clinic, where I explained why I need ME and I asked them to examine only necessary things (I don't remember the cost ...), and then ... I got Z stamp and when back in China, I had to complete another RP ME, which was on the employer, i.e. included in the Contract ...We've never discussed refund of payment for HK ME with my employer. Year 2013 ...I'd say, that is a regular thingy embassies around the world require, before issuing visas for LT stay in the country. "Vladimir Vladimiro-Witch ras-Putin" (LOL@your pronunciation ..) demands the same thingy before granting LT stay in Ruski.  ... Haa, 2013 was the Snowden's year. I was in Kowloon at the time of his landing .. with all these files ... I'm-Still-in-LMAO-State ... Cost for the ME in HK was around HK$ 2000/200 EUR, and ME was kind of swift, quicker and way shorter than on the mainland ... -- icnif77