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A: Can you come to China for sightseeing and walk the doors of employers?
A:Can you come to China for sightseeing and walk the doors of employers? No, you can't, because you have to secure an Entry visa first and without an employer, it's almost impossible to fulfil that task .Beside that, you could maybe provide a better solution ... beside bashing the website and stating the matters, which are impossible to prove. Looking for a job (or jab .. ) was always very personal experience and I ain't shilling for the website.I described the ways on how I was finding new positions in China.Imagine yourself being stuck in Hong Kong 'cause your previous employer screwed-up yer valid Residence permit ... and then after some 20-days of HK's human congestion, you find new employer/RP sponsor from the Jobs here and after further 30-days of HK, you return to China with fresh RP and new 1-year contract. I had two choices after exiting to HK: either get new position in China or return to EU/home after 3-months HK stay. Applying for the new position from this website, saved me a lot of troubles and monies ... .However, it might doesn't work the same now as it worked in my time, but I wouldn't act any different if I wanted to return to China, i.e. scan new openings and get few good placement agents ... from Jobs here. -- icnif77