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OMG...OMG. Nokia is back !!!!!! New

Asked by philbravery, 6 hours 18 min ago in Shopping - China 3 Answers 1 Comment

An applause for New Jersey's police. Good catch!!! New

Asked by earthizen, 8 hours 57 min ago in Culture - China 1 Answer 3 Comments

is there a woman here for relationship :) ? New

Asked by Darwish, 17 hours 25 min ago in Relationships - China 9 Answers 6 Comments

I need a real company office address

Asked by Viki87, 1 day 9 hours ago in General - China 3 Answers 2 Comments

Why do you come to China?

Asked by LydiaZeng, 1 day 11 hours ago in Lifestyle - China 12 Answers 19 Comments

Anyone thinks North Korea should be destroyed?

Asked by Viki87, 2 days 7 hours ago in General - China 11 Answers 9 Comments

Looks like Sichuan really got hit bad...

Asked by diverdude1, 3 days 1 hour ago in General - China 5 Answers 7 Comments