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Teaching in China long term?

Asked by rebeccalee93, 1 day 11 hours ago in Teaching & Learning - China 8 Answers 4 Comments

Is this confusing or understandable?

Asked by retiredinchina, 2 days 49 min ago in Lifestyle - China 3 Answers 1 Comment

Ffs this is getting out of control

Asked by philbravery, 2 days 14 hours ago in Culture - China 2 Answers 1 Comment

how to find job in shenzhen?

Asked by georgiy123, 2 days 17 hours ago in Relationships - China 2 Answers 3 Comments

Is this my problem mainly?

Asked by Viki87, 5 days 21 hours ago in General - China 13 Answers 32 Comments

If it hits the fan ?

Asked by philbravery, 6 days 15 hours ago in Business & Jobs - China 7 Answers 4 Comments

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A: Hi, I am Bhim Patel from India, Came to china for education in 2006 fo
A:Hi, I am Bhim Patel from India, Came to china for education in 2006 for my bachelor's in medicine and surgery, Graduated,went back,worked a while and came back again,started doing business,going great so far . Married with a Chongqing wife, Enjoying my life by being my own boss ! -- bhimpatel