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Is it easy for you to say love ?

Asked by sevenyan, last answered 2 weeks 6 days ago in Culture - Shenzhen 19 Answers 13 Comments

Thumbs down trolls

Asked by freakboy, last answered 29 weeks 11 hours ago in General - Shenzhen 15 Answers 41 Comments

drivers point systems definition

Asked by edng2000, last answered 30 weeks 1 day ago in Transport & Travel - Shenzhen 1 Answer

Good starting salary in Shenzhen?

Asked by cwzialor, last answered 44 weeks 5 days ago in Business & Jobs - Shenzhen 6 Answers 4 Comments

Z visa re application

Asked by Ikenewton, last answered 52 weeks 22 hours ago in Visa & Legalities - Shenzhen 3 Answers 8 Comments

Are there any football teams in Shenzhen

Asked by jule5, last answered 1 year 24 weeks ago in Sports - Shenzhen 1 Answer

A shenzhen - Hongkong holiday.

Asked by BlaBla.Lee, last answered 1 year 32 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - Shenzhen 4 Answers 1 Comment

how does an old man like me find part time work in Shenzhen

Asked by Samuall, last answered 1 year 43 weeks ago in General - Shenzhen 5 Answers 3 Comments

Has anyone worked for (Or heard of) Satifirst Shenzhen?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 1 year 47 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Shenzhen 5 Answers 3 Comments

Seeking private primary school

Asked by sharmin_lina, last answered 1 year 50 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Shenzhen 2 Answers 2 Comments

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A: That would be an awful experience. I would call your embassy asap
A:That would be an awful experience. I would call your embassy asap, they might be able to suggest something or give you a temporary replacement or something. I'm sure they would have seen this before.You may also need something from the PSB to say that you still have a valid visa in order to leave the country. Do you at least have a copy of your visa and passport front page, or can you get one?  If you have been working here your employer would probably have copies. In the mean time, turn the place upside down trying to find your passport.Good luck mate.   -- Stiggs