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There's no such thing called racist sometimes. New

Asked by Viki87, last answered 57 min 9 sec ago in General - China 11 Answers 4 Comments

foreign friends hang out in Hangzhou New

Asked by FanWoo, last answered 3 hours 7 min ago in Relationships - Hangzhou 2 Answers

emotionally abused by my Chinese husband, what can i do?

Asked by susanne, last answered 9 hours 38 min ago in Relationships - China 11 Answers 1 Comment

Anybody else having issues with DNS servers?

Asked by expatlife26, last answered 13 hours 27 min ago in Sports - China 3 Answers 2 Comments

Why do people even bother driving cars?

Asked by Hal195, last answered 19 hours 10 min ago in General - China 9 Answers 5 Comments

have you ever been asked "are you from Xinjiang"?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 21 hours 45 min ago in Culture - China 15 Answers 1 Comment

Sex in China on a 30 plus woman

Asked by coineineagh, last answered 22 hours 59 min ago in Relationships - China 4 Answers 5 Comments

What's the average tax for foreigners in China?

Asked by talkword, last answered 23 hours 6 min ago in General - China 4 Answers

How can i work legally without 2 years experience?

Asked by onokoqd, last answered 1 day 16 hours ago in Visa & Legalities - China 10 Answers 16 Comments

'We invested some folks (cca. 900 000), did we?'

Asked by icnif77, last answered 1 day 18 hours ago in Money & Banking - China 3 Answers 3 Comments

Have you ever had a local pretend you're not speaking to them?

Asked by WooMow, last answered 1 day 18 hours ago in Culture - China 8 Answers 5 Comments

Questions to ask employer to avoid a nightmare teachign job?

Asked by NiceBrice, last answered 1 day 18 hours ago in General - China 1 Answer 2 Comments

What ordinary household goods do you find hard to find?

Asked by mArtiAn, last answered 1 day 20 hours ago in General - China 5 Answers 4 Comments

Where can I buy tampons in Beijing?

Asked by Delphine86, last answered 1 day 21 hours ago in General - China 5 Answers 6 Comments

any foreigner in Ningbo looking for a girl friend?

Asked by joy.lee, last answered 2 days 2 hours ago in Relationships - Ningbo 9 Answers 13 Comments

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A: Teaching hours, are they 60 minutes or 45?are office hours mandatory?
A:Teaching hours, are they 60 minutes or 45?are office hours mandatory?  Ask to chat with current (foreign) teachers there. What date will you be paid? Is there a completion bonus? Air fair repayment?  Is there a set curriculum/set of books that they use?what is the average age of the student? Average class size?can you get me a Z visa? (If it is anything other than an obvious "yes", run). What kind of assessments do they give the students? Will you be giving/grading them?are you expected to do any work outside of the classroom (extra activities)what kind of housing do they offer?  Demand pictures of the ACTUAL place that they will give you. Do they offer a housing stipend if you choose not to live on campus?  Do they provide teaching supplies, or will you have to pay for your own? -- Spiderboenz