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What does "cute" really mean? New

Asked by Strawberry66, last answered 4 min 5 sec ago in General - China 8 Answers 2 Comments

In this thread, we all act like Vicky... Do you think I'm cute? New

Asked by dgz, last answered 7 min 24 sec ago in General - China 6 Answers 3 Comments

Work on Q2 visa?

Asked by happywanderer, last answered 14 min 51 sec ago in Visa & Legalities - China 5 Answers 9 Comments

University Job...WHY????

Asked by nashboroguy, last answered 27 min 41 sec ago in Teaching & Learning - China 7 Answers 11 Comments

How much was your wedding dress

Asked by Grizzly, last answered 39 min 21 sec ago in Shopping - Shijiazhuang 3 Answers 1 Comment

do chinese people stare at black people unpurpose? New

Asked by kay-parnel, last answered 45 min 48 sec ago in Lifestyle - China 5 Answers 11 Comments

I miss you? New

Asked by rasklnik, last answered 2 hours 57 min ago in Transport & Travel - China 4 Answers

Confusing TV adverts New

Asked by dgz, last answered 3 hours 2 min ago in Arts & Entertainment - China 3 Answers 5 Comments

Do you live in a hometown? New

Asked by ScotsAlan, last answered 3 hours 5 min ago in Culture - China 4 Answers 2 Comments

Worst advice about China, before coming to China New

Asked by Spiderboenz, last answered 3 hours 9 min ago in General - China 15 Answers

what is the best vpn to use in china? New

Asked by kay-parnel, last answered 3 hours 32 min ago in Lifestyle - China 1 Answer 3 Comments

Do you think foreigners don't understand Chinese people? New

Asked by Robk, last answered 4 hours 27 sec ago in Lifestyle - China 6 Answers 5 Comments

Why KFC is more expensive than burger king and MC Donald's?

Asked by Strawberry66, last answered 4 hours 29 min ago in General - China 13 Answers 8 Comments

Facebook Down or Pesky China Censors?

Asked by humbug, last answered 4 hours 46 min ago in General - China 1 Answer

What happens in China that you would consider to be efficient practice?

Asked by royceH, last answered 10 hours 23 sec ago in Culture - China 11 Answers 14 Comments

Internet in China New

Asked by diverdude1, last answered 14 hours 18 min ago in General - China 6 Answers 5 Comments

Job hunting in Guangzhou

Asked by ellenlllv, last answered 15 hours 24 min ago in Business & Jobs - Guangzhou 4 Answers 2 Comments

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A: Hear me out on this before calling me crazy - First of all, I am not p
A:Hear me out on this before calling me crazy - First of all, I am not praising the Chinese healthcare system. It is well-known that most doctors are unqualified (I work for a medical school and my boss estimates that 90% of doctors in the mainland are unqualified). Doctors regularly engage in overtreatment while running unnecessary tests and prescribing useless medicine. Antibiotics are grossly overprescribed and the the number of patients given unnecessary IV's is laughable.  These criticisms acknowledged, there is a certain efficiency in the system. When you need to see a doctor, there's no need to make an appointment. You go to the hospital, line up and within 20-30 minutes you can usually be seen by a doc. If tests are needed, you can quickly have the tests right then and there. Compare that to the systems in may western countries where you often have to wait lengthy periods of time to see a doctor. Then, when the doctor prescribes a test you have to wait an additional  time for that, it often takes longer to get the results and many doctors aren't even taking new patients in America due to the shortage of primary care physicians and certain specialists. I'm not saying the healthcare system in China is exemplary but it is efficient and generally meets the basic needs of a massive and mostly poor population in spite of its major shortcomings. It would be nice if doctors were more accessible in America at least.  -- dongbeiren