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Save water not for everyone? New

Asked by Eorthisio, last answered 3 hours 33 min ago in General - China 3 Answers 1 Comment

F-visa insted of Z-visa New

Asked by iryna_keis, last answered 5 hours 10 min ago in Visa & Legalities - China 7 Answers 6 Comments

Is it OK to throw away my MILs Mao statue ?

Asked by Scandinavian, last answered 9 hours 18 min ago in Family & Kids - China 9 Answers 9 Comments

Can I change my username? How? New

Asked by CaptianMyCaptain, last answered 9 hours 54 min ago in Web & Technology - China 3 Answers 2 Comments

Father knows best? New

Asked by expatlife26, last answered 12 hours 43 min ago in Food - Other cities 6 Answers 2 Comments

Cell phone thief wants to sell back my wife's cell phone...

Asked by airyk, last answered 14 hours 15 min ago in General - China 8 Answers 2 Comments

Instagram to be blocked in China

Asked by anonymous, last answered 15 hours 53 min ago in Web & Technology - China 16 Answers 23 Comments

how does an old man like me find part time work in Shenzhen

Asked by Samuall, last answered 16 hours 31 min ago in General - Shenzhen 4 Answers 1 Comment

Is the BBC website being blocked?

Asked by SwedKiwi1, last answered 16 hours 55 min ago in Web & Technology - China 9 Answers 5 Comments

Full functionality of kindles in China?

Asked by chened123, last answered 17 hours 42 min ago in Web & Technology - China 9 Answers 2 Comments

Why did you move to a developing country?

Asked by humbug, last answered 20 hours 23 min ago in General - China 20 Answers 30 Comments

Volunteering in China?

Asked by sm90, last answered 1 day 9 min ago in General - China 5 Answers 1 Comment

How would you have deal with this?

Asked by nicholasba, last answered 1 day 5 hours ago in General - China 10 Answers 12 Comments

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A: Just in case anyone was wondering, I got her a nice dinner (which seem
A:Just in case anyone was wondering, I got her a nice dinner (which seems to go across well for anyone regardless of hobbies), and a fixie bike that she said that she wanted! She loved it. And I got her another present of me starting Chinese classes so I can learn to communicate with her parents  -- joshua73