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how much to live in yangshuo .. sort of modern apt

Asked by BHGAL, last answered 1 hour 31 min ago in Housing - China 7 Answers 2 Comments

Spam Increase after Spammer attack?

Asked by Sinobear, last answered 1 hour 43 min ago in General - China 6 Answers

Bubonic plague in China - what next?

Asked by davo, last answered 1 hour 53 min ago in Health & Safety - Other cities 11 Answers 10 Comments

guilin good guys.. are there some?

Asked by BHGAL, last answered 7 hours 20 min ago in General - China 7 Answers 7 Comments

My annual summertime 'cold' again New

Asked by coineineagh, last answered 8 hours 37 min ago in Health & Safety - China 5 Answers 2 Comments

Is Hangzhou really that nice of a place "to live work, and play"?

Asked by Almost, last answered 10 hours 35 min ago in General - China 7 Answers 5 Comments

Any Chinese on the plane that was shot down today?

Asked by philbravery, last answered 12 hours 19 min ago in General - China 19 Answers 15 Comments

Guidance for Guangzhou newbie?

Asked by shemma, last answered 12 hours 59 min ago in General - Guangzhou 10 Answers 3 Comments

Whats the most shameful thing you have seen today?

Asked by mike695ca, last answered 13 hours 17 min ago in Culture - China 10 Answers 9 Comments

Beijing's national museum: Thoughts and feedback?? New

Asked by jetfire9000, last answered 14 hours 30 min ago in General - China 3 Answers 1 Comment

Best places to live In China where there arent so many foreigners

Asked by ricard, last answered 15 hours 19 min ago in General - China 22 Answers 23 Comments

Haining tidal wave 2014, when exactly?

Asked by morocotopo, last answered 16 hours 44 min ago in Transport & Travel - China 1 Answer

This is my Situation.

Asked by RobRocks, last answered 16 hours 48 min ago in Visa & Legalities - China 28 Answers 23 Comments

Is the onedrive website banned?

Asked by Englteachted, last answered 18 hours 13 min ago in Web & Technology - China 9 Answers 10 Comments

How to get a job in a foreign invested company?

Asked by laurazou, last answered 18 hours 38 min ago in Business & Jobs - China 3 Answers 1 Comment

Which area of China has the most curvacious women?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 20 hours 2 min ago in Relationships - China 12 Answers 4 Comments